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AAO-HNS/F Committee and Governance Meetings in Vancouver, BC, Canada

0929-GovernanceThis year, a restructured committee meeting schedule concentrated many committee meeting times to Saturday afternoon and early morning today, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Also, many of the committee meetings are scheduled for one-hour each with a 15-minute break between meetings.

As much as was possible, the new schedule avoided conflicts with the educational program, allows the meetings to be assigned to convenient rooms in extremely close proximity to each other thereby easing the commute on members and staff, and frees members up to set their own schedules during the Annual Meeting.

Additional Benefits 

  • Efficiency. Committee members and staff have focused/concentrated time to discuss Academy business.
  • Free Choice. Committee members can attend miniseminars, scientific sessions, explore the posters and exhibits at their leisure without committee meeting conflicts.
  • Extra Time. Committee members could attend the scientific and instruction course programs without conflict with committee meetings.
  • Avoid Scheduling Conflicts. Committee members would be able to present during the conference without fear of committee meeting conflicts.
  • Easy Access. Committee meetings would all take place in close proximity and in a central location.
  • Nourishment. Beverage service for Saturday and coffee with a light continental breakfast available for the morning meetings.

For up-to-the-minute locations and changes refer to the committee meetings listing.