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The OTO EXPO℠  Challenges with Information, Innovation

By James L. Netterville, MD AAO-HNS/F President

As the annual meeting approaches next month, I want to talk about this outstanding meeting and the array of opportunities it has to offer. Most importantly, I want to invite you personally to join me in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Exceptional Education Offerings

L. Netterville, MD, (right) poses with Corporal Dan Moskaluk, Royal Canadian Mounted Police and senior media relations officer for BC Communications Services during the 2012 annual meeting.

L. Netterville, MD, (right) poses with Corporal Dan Moskaluk, Royal Canadian Mounted Police and senior media relations officer for BC Communications Services during the 2012 annual meeting.

This 117th AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting & OTO EXPO℠  is most exciting for me because it is a fantastic honor of representing you, our members, this year, and because of the robust education experience of this upcoming meeting. Did you know that you can earn up to 27.5 hours of continuing education credit by attending instruction courses, miniseminars and scientific oral presentations at this meeting?

After several planning trips to Vancouver, I can tell you that this is an inspiring location. Our meeting will build on its diversity and greatness, transmitting Vancouver’s energy to all of you participating. And I have even more great news, it is my pleasure to be able to announce the John Conley, MD Lecture on Medical Ethics presenter as none other than one of our own and NBC’s incomparable chief medical reporter and news personality, Nancy Snyderman, MD. With her appearance at the Opening Ceremony, the meeting will receive the best kind of kick-off, one that focuses on doing and being the best practitioners of otolaryngic care each in our own way. Immediately following the ceremony, the meeting excitement carries to the grand opening of the OTO EXPO℠ , where the spirit of innovation charges the atmosphere and medicine’s practice becomes tangible.

OTO EXPO: The Practice of Medicine Extends beyond the Exam Room

Our meeting is considered the “World’s Best Gathering of Otolaryngologists” and for good reason. No matter whether we are introverts who seek ideas or extroverts who learn best from others, as physicians we’re all interested in tools and technologies that improve patient care. The AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting & OTO EXPO℠  is the best chance we have each year to look for those innovations.

I would like particularly to highlight the exceptional value that the OTO EXPO℠  presents to our attendees. It is in the hall that you can really target your search for those practical applications of the latest findings in care. The very concept of an exposition (an outgrowth of the French marketplace) connotes a festive display of progress and invention. There is a showcase of cultures as well, and in the case of our specialty, the diversity is global and extraordinary, but universal in its emphasis on scientific and technological innovations.

Many of us have had the OTO EXPO℠  experience before, but are still awed by the number of vendors and possibilities for exploration that the expo presents. Over time, I have found strategies to maximize my time and budget for seeking innovative solutions to enhance the way I deliver the best patient care.

Netterville’s “Six Strategies for the best OTO EXPO Experience”

  1. Plan: I plan beforehand to a carve-out time to visit the floor just to check for innovations in tools and technology by visiting the online floor plan to see who is currently exhibiting.
  2. Collaborate: When my energy ebbs, it helps to find areas with small tables or conversation areas near the exhibitors I want to engage to jumpstart the exchange of ideas with them and others.
  3. Replenish: Grab lunch in the hall daily from 11:30 am-1:00 pm and speak with your  physician and exhibitor colleagues on the floor.
  4. Learn: Experience the new opportunities offered on the show floor.
  5. Follow Up: Leave your information and questions with exhibitors to follow-up after the meeting.
  6. Revisit: Help yourself to ‘revisit’ every booth after the show. Visit www.entnet.org/annual_meeting and look for your post-show Meeting Daily 365. See more at http://aao-365.ascendeventmedia.com.

For more details about the meeting, visit www.entnet.org/annual_meeting. I look forward to seeing you there.