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Sunday Oral Presentations—Best of Orals

Scientific Oral Presentations are defined as: A series of five-minute oral presentations that will take place within either 50- or 80-minute topical sessions that focus on cutting-edge clinical and translational basic research aspects of otolaryngology.

Best of Orals

10:30 am-11:50 am, Room 205

Sunday offers attendees a special kickoff enhancement to the Oral Scientific Program. The first oral session is a first time offering. Hear the “BEST” 12 presentations that the AAO-HNSF Program Advisory Committee has noted as achieving high status. During this 80-minute time slot, Moderators Michael D. Seidman, MD, and Russell B. Smith, MD, guide this not-to-be-missed session. Abstracts for each can be viewed in the September Abstract Program Supplement to Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery or by downloading its app to either your Apple or Android smartphone.

  • 10:30 am—Randomized Treatment Withdrawal of Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulation for Obstructive Sleep Apnea: B. Tucker Woodson, MD; Marion B. Boyd Gillespie, MD, MSc; Ho-sheng Lin, MD; Jonathan Z. Baskin, MD; Tapan A. Padhya, MD; Ryan J. Soose, MD; Nico De Vries, MD, PhD
  • 10:36 am—Dismal Economics: Robot Assisted Surgeries in Otolaryngology: Brian J. McKinnon, MD, and Laureen Cantwell, MS
  • 10:42 am—Characteristics of Supraglottitis in Adults: Sharon Ovnat Tamir, MD; Irina Barbalat, MD; Tal Marom, MD; Abraham Goldfarb, MD; Yehudah Roth, MD
  • 10:48 am—The Mayo Clinic Spasmodic Dysphonia Experience: A Demographic Analysis of 686 Patients: Alpen B. Patel, MD; Taylor R. Pollei, MD; Stephen F. Bansberg, MD; Charles H. Adler, MD, PhD; David G. Lott, MD; Lisa R. Crujido, MS
  • 10:54 am—Weight Gain after T&A – A Case Control Study: Travis L. Lewis, MD; Romaine F. Johnson, MD, MPH; Jonathan Choi; Ron B. Mitchell, MD
  • 11:00 am—Functional Outcomes and Quality-of-Life Associated with Cricopharyngeal Myotomy for Cricopharyngeal Dysfunction: A Prospective Study: Kathryn M. Van Abel, MD; Eric J. Moore, MD; Jan L. Kasperbauer, MD; Michael L. Hinni, MD; David G. Lott, MD; Todd H. Baron, MD; Dale C. Ekbom, MD
  • 11:06 am—Efficacy of SPI-1005 for Prevention of Noise Induced Hearing Loss: Phase 2 Clinical Trial Results: Jonathan Kil, MD; Eric D. Lynch, PhD; Scott Griffiths, PhD; Edward Lobarinas, PhD; Christopher Spankovich, PhD; Patrick J. Antonelli, MD, MSc; Colleen Le Prell, PhD
  • 11:12 am—Vestibular Dysfunction in Patients With Enlarged Vestibular Aqueduct: Wade W. Chien, MD; Chris K. Zalewski, PhD; Kelly A. King, PhD; Julie A. Muskett, MS; John A. Butman, MD, PhD; Carmen C. Brewer, PhD; Andrew J. Griffith, MD, PhD
  • 11:18 am—Outcomes in Open Structure Septorhinoplasty: Sunil D. Sharma, MRCS; Tom Jacques, MRCS; Tarik Abed, MRCS; David Gatland, MD
  • 11:24 am—Robust Differences in Distant Metastases for p16 +/- OPSCC: Implications for Future Targeted Therapy: Lauren L. Murrill, MD; James J. Jaber, MD, PhD; Vikas Mehta, MD; Chad A. Zender, MD; Seungwon Kim, MD; Jonas T. Johnson, MD
  • 11:30 am—Long-Term Low-Dose Doxycycline for Difficult-to-Treat Chronic Rhinosinusitis With Polyps: Thiago Bezerra, MD, PhD; Ana C. Soter, MD; Rogerio Pezato; Fabio De Rezende Pinna, MD; Thibuat Van Zele, MD, PhD; Claus Bachert; Richard L. Voegels, MD, PhD
  • 11:36 am—Ethmoid Drug-Eluting Catheter for Nasosinusal Polyposis: Results After a Randomized Controlled Trial: Guillermo Plaza, MD, PhD; Viviana Elizabeth Amarillo Espitia, MD; Estefaní­a Hernández-Garcí­a, MD; Gustavo Eisenberg, MD; Victoria Garcí­a-Peces, MD; Jose Montojo, MD; Maria Urbasos Pascual, MD

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