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UConn Wins 2014 AAO-HNSF Academic Bowl


University of Connecticut School of Medicine residents Yvonne Tsui, MD, Kyle Johnson, MD, and Daniel Sacks, MD, won the 2014 AAO-HNSF Academic Bowl.

After more than 52 questions, the University of Connecticut School of Medicine (UConn) emerged as the clear winner of the 2014 AAO-HNSF Academic Bowl.

Second and third place, however, had not been decided. A few questions later, State University of New York-Health Science Center (SUNY), Brooklyn, broke the tie for second place, with Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center and Naval Medical Center (Portsmouth) rounding out the final two spots.

“The residents were really close there for a while and then they separated rapidly,” said Mark K. Wax, MD, professor of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery, Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, OR, who moderated the event. “There were some easy questions; there were some impossible questions. The residents had a good time.”

The three members of the winning UConn team, Daniel Sacks, MD; Yvonne Tsui, MD; and Kyle Johnson, MD, said they enjoyed the challenging questions and were honored to have won this year’s competition.

“We’re excited,” Dr. Sacks said. “A little bit surprised. It was fun.”

For winning, the UConn team will receive a complimentary subscription to Home Study Course for two years. Second place SUNY will receive it for one year.

The four participating academic programs were chosen based on their participation in the Home Study Course during previous years.

The AAO-HNS Foundation Education Committee, the Coordinator for Education, and Foundation staff developed the questions, which were presented to each team of three residents, and the audience. An audience response system allowed observers to make their best guesses for each question. Results were compiled electronically and displayed after everyone had 10 seconds to answer each question.

The goal of the Academic Bowl is to allow participating programs to showcase that they’re doing a good job of educating their residents in a variety of areas. Teams that win cannot participate for five years.

Questions covered otolaryngology, regulatory, billing, and general medicine topics.