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AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting & OTO EXPO℠  News Briefs

BOG Chooses Executive Committee Members
The Board of Governors (BOG) announced the results of its Executive Committee election during the BOG General Assembly Monday evening. Sanjay R. Parikh, MD, was chosen as chair-elect and Daniel L. Wohl, MD, was chosen as member-at-large.

WIO Elects New Officers
The new officers for the Women in Otolaryngology Section were announced during its General Assembly Monday. Elected were Erika A. Woodson, MD, chair-elect; Angela M. Powell, MD, member-at-large; and Nina S. Yoshpe, MD, information officer.

YPS Elects New Officers

New officers for the Young Physicians Section (YPS) were announced during the YPS General Assembly Monday. The new officers are: Daniel C. Chelius, Jr., MD, chair-elect; Amanda C. Hu, MD, secretary; Nancy Jiang, MD, and Mark E. Zafereo, Jr., MD, members of the Nominating Committee.

New SRF Officers Selected
The Section for Residents & Fellows-In-Training (SRF) selected new officers at its General Assembly Tuesday.

The new officers are: Peter M. Vila, MD, chair; Claire C. Lawlor, MD, vice chair; Paul D. Judge, MD, member at-large; Juliana Bonilla-Velez, MD, information officer; Carla V. Valenzuela, MD, BOG governor; Matthew M. Smith, MD, BOG legislative representative; Jonathan B. Overdevest, MD, BOG SEGR representative.

Exhibit Booth Winners Announced
The winners of AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting & OTO EXPOSM exhibit booth awards were:

  • Island Booth: Medrobotics, Booth 2435
  • Single Booth: Optim, Booth 2511
  • Inline Booth: Preceptis Medical, Booth 1621

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