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OTOs on the Run Offers Camaraderie, View of the City

0920-RaceOTOs on the Run got off to a fast start Monday as 129 participants ran in the Annual Meeting’s inaugural 5K race, and the physician-champion of the event said he hopes it will be back for next year’s meeting in Chicago.

“I hope it becomes an annual event,” said Academy member and avid runner Noah Siegel, MD, who brought the idea of organizing a 5K race to the Academy. “In addition to promoting its core mission, the Academy is supporting a healthy lifestyle for its members.”

Monday’s race, which took place at dawn behind the San Diego Convention Center and the Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel, also offered a great view of the bay for the runners. It was that beautiful view as well as the emphasis on health that drew several of the runners.

“I love to run when I visit cities, so this is a cool way to see the city and participate with the Academy,” said Alexander Langerman, MD, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN. “I took up running because of my academic career and I knew I would be traveling to meetings. Rather than bringing exercise equipment, I just had to bring a pair of shoes. It is also an opportunity to see a city on fast-forward. It’s a chance to orient myself.”

Ascanio Castillo, MD, Panama City, Panama, who participates in triathlons, echoed those thoughts.

“I’ve always enjoyed exercise, and it keeps you healthy. If you are in the healthcare profession and provide health, you have to project it,” Dr. Castillo said. “Staying healthy is part of the whole package. I enjoy exercising, and it is a fun way to get around and see different places. When I travel, I try to see the landscape.”

Vitor Araujo, a pharmacist for GlaxoSmithKline, Rio de Janero, Brazil, said he likes to participate in races because of both the focus on health and the potential to meet people.

“I believe that taking care of our health is important. I also believe that it is a good opportunity to meet people from around the world who enjoy running,” he said.

Robert Sinard, MD, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, also likes the camaraderie of running with his Vanderbilt colleagues, such as Dr. Langerman, while meeting new people.

“Anybody who runs and comes to the meeting wants to do some running. When you see something like this advertised and you know there will be a lot of people there, it encourages you on and makes it a fun thing rather than a chore,” he said.

Dr. Siegel, of Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Boston, MA, said that he would like to see the event grow into an event that could raise money for education for residents or a charity in the Annual Meeting’s host city.

“The run can act as a vehicle to promote both community among meeting participants and fundraising for worthy causes,” he said. “We had a great start, and now we have an opportunity to see it grow.”

The top three female finishers in the race were Marisa Ryan, MD, Durham, NC; Suman Golla, MD, Pittsburgh, PA; and Michelle Marcincuk, MD, Fort Worth, Texas. The top three male finishers were Laurent Fradet, Sherbrooke, Canada; Chad Whited, MD, Austin, TX; and Owen Woods, MD, Montreal, Canada.

See the race results.

Thanks to Karl Storz Endoscopy America Inc, supporter of OTOs on the Run.

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