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AcademyU Now Hosts Annual Meeting Webcasts

In the effort to bring you more education opportunities through the AcademyU® Learning Platform, recordings of AAO-HNSF 2016 Annual Meeting & OTO EXPOSM sessions will now be available through the AcademyU Catalog.

Nearly every Miniseminar and Instruction Course, along with Honorary Guest Lectures, Masters of Surgery Video Presentations, and the Sunday’s International Symposium featuring two presentations in Spanish, will be available for purchase for members and nonmembers by going to AcademyU.

In addition, select sessions will be available for CME credit with successful completion of the activity post-test. This is a way to earn additional CME credit while accessing even more Annual Meeting education content.

New to AcademyU is AmX, the Annual Meeting Expert Series, designed to provide an in-depth study of key topics addressed during the Annual Meeting. This education activity includes the video recording of the presentation, an interview with the presenter and another content expert, an online patient case scenario, and a self-assessment exam. AmX will provide a thorough review of the topic along with skills training that you will be able to apply to your practice. The 2015 AmX Series is currently available on the AcademyU website. The 2016 AmX Series will be available shortly after Annual Meeting.