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2017 Meeting Daily

September 13

September 12

  • Practice of the FutureAttendees visited the Practice of the Future Pavilion in the exhibit hall to get hands-on experience with new technologies and learn how their practices will change and evolve in the coming years. The pavilion features four prototype rooms of the future: waiting room, examination room, operating room, and education/training room. Read More
  • Learning to Navigate Quality MeasurementIn addition to learning about treatment advances, otolaryngologists must learn about the quality measures that took effect in 2017 as part of health system reform. These measures are key components of physician ratings and can affect inclusion in provider panels, ultimately influencing reimbursement and patient access. Read More
  • SIM Tank Names Top Simulation ProjectSimulation previews reality at the AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting & OTO Experience. Four simulation events have pulled back the curtain on what you very well could be using in your practices soon. Read More
  • Conley Lecture Focuses on Helping Address Burnout with Wellness InitiativeAs the health system has evolved over the last 15 years, it has inadvertently taken the wind out of the sails of many physicians. It is estimated that more than half of physicians have become burned out as their profession changed. In response, AAO-HNS has launched an effort to reverse that trend. Read More
  • Academy Program Designed to Meet Challenges of BurnoutTo tackle the growing challenges of burnout, the Academy has launched a Physician Wellness Task Force that is developing a program to help members prevent burnout or deal with it when needed. A Miniseminar following the John Conley, MD Lecture on Medical Ethics will explain the program. Read More
  • The Dawn of 3D Printing for OtolaryngologistsDoes your practice have a 3D printer? Probably not, but it almost certainly will in the near future. Customized airway and ear splints and other medical devices printed to fit the specific anatomic needs of individual patients are already a research reality. Read More
  • Hybrid Technique Used for Mastoid Canal Wall ReconstructionsSurgeons have long debated the merits of canal-wall-up versus canal-wall-down approaches to treating chronic otitis media with cholesteatoma. The canal-wall-down approach provides better access but requires repeated surgical visits for debridement and drainage. Read More
  • Studies Examine Nasal Cancers, Reducing CBF, and War InjuriesResearch into a variety of topics will be presented Tuesday during “Scientific Oral Presentations: General Otolaryngology.” Read More
  • Pediatric Advances Prove Instructive for the SpecialtyMost medical advances are explored and developed in adults and later applied to children. In otolaryngology, pediatric practice can lead the way. Read More
  • Clinical Consensus Statement: Balloon Dilation of the SinusesAn AAO-HNSF clinical consensus statement on the use of balloon dilation of the sinuses will be presented and discussed in a Miniseminar Wednesday. Read More
  • Coding Course Aimed at Physicians Who Also Act as Compliance OfficersThe advent of electronic medical records and the emphasis on quality measurements for reimbursement has forever changed the world of coding for all physicians. Read More
  • International Advisory BoardJohan Fagan, MD, chair of the International Advisory Board (IAB), opened the IAB General Assembly Monday. Read More
  • International Guests ReceptionAll registered international attendees and their spouses are invited to the International Reception from 8:00 to 10:00 pm Tuesday at the Sheraton Grand Hotel, Ballroom I-III. Read More
  • Panel, Elections on SRF AgendaA panel discussion, a mentoring opportunity, remarks from Academy leaders, the presentation of awards, and the election of officers will highlight the Section for Residents and Fellows (SRF) General Assembly Tuesday. Read More
  • OTO Experience Booth WinnersWe would like to thank all of our 2017 Annual Meeting & OTO Experience exhibitors. When you visit the OTO Experience, be sure to visit the 2017 Exhibit Booth Winners selected by the Annual Meeting Program Committee. Read More
  • OTOs on the RunThe second annual OTOs on the Run 5K race was a great success Monday, with more than 100 runners completing a 3.2-mile course along the scenic shore of Lake Michigan and through beautiful Grant Park. Read More
  • Attend Tuesday’s Alumni ReceptionsThe AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting & OTO Experience is a learning opportunity and a great time to renew or develop friendships with peers at the Tuesday evening Alumni Receptions. The onsite Alumni Receptions will take place from 6:30 to 8:00 pm at the Sheraton Grand Chicago Ballroom VI. Read More
  • Shuttle Bus ScheduleTuesday: Buses will run every 15-20 minutes from 6:30 to 11:00 am and every 30 minutes from 2:00 to 6:00 pm. Read More

September 11

  • Opening Ceremony Makes Change the Anthem for Today and TomorrowHealthcare and otolaryngology are changing at warp speed. Some change is being enhanced by technology, while some remains the providence of tomorrow. During Sunday’s Opening Ceremony, speakers played off a Star Wars movie trailer to highlight the future tense of healthcare, and what it means to otolaryngologists today. Read More
  • Healthcare Must Learn to Integrate Technologies, DataIn 2007, the first iPhone was released, contributing to the era of the smartphone, which has changed the way the world operates. Today, a mere 10 years later, the smartphone is regularly used in healthcare. It is driving the development of other medical devices and processes that promise to revolutionize healthcare. Read More
  • New Neck Mass Guideline PublishedIn recent years, the number of cases of HPV has skyrocketed. Because HPV is linked to some head and neck cancers, AAO-HNSF has developed a new clinical practice guideline to address an increasing number of patients who do not fit the traditional profile. Read More
  • Oral Abstracts Yield Interesting ResearchResearch into a variety of topics will be presented Monday during “Scientific Oral Presentations: General Otolaryngology.” Following are summaries of four of the six-minute presentations. Read More
  • Ménière’s Options: Data Supporting Diagnosis and Treatment Remain LimitedMore evidence is being gathered for the diagnosis and management of Ménière’s disease, but it remains a condition that has to be diagnosed clinically, with treatments progressing from the use of medicine to injections to surgery. The diagnosis and the treatment options were reviewed Sunday during “Evidence-Based Management of Ménière’s Disease.” Read More
  • Peace of Mind Essential to an Improved Patient ExperienceWhat is the appropriate metric to assess patient care? Tracking changes in mortality rates could be useful in specialties such as oncology, where death is a common outcome. However, mortality rates do not convey the less seriously ill patient’s experiences. Read More
  • Papilloma Options: Endoscopy Part of a Stepwise Approach to TreatmentThe management of sinonasal papillomas has changed dramatically in recent years. What was once the gold standard in removing these benign neoplasms—a lateral rhinotomy and medial maxillectomy—has been replaced with a stepwise approach that relies heavily on endoscopy. Read More
  • Finding Strategies to Manage BurnoutThe bad news is that burnout is a growing problem among healthcare providers. The good news is that the recognition of the problem also is growing, as are the options for reversing the trend. Read More
  • Lecturer to Trace Approaches to Functional Neck DissectionThere are multiple approaches to neck dissection, and all are variations on two basic operations: radical and functional. Most head and neck surgeons opt for some sort of selective approach based on individual patient anatomy with the goal of preserving as much function as possible. Read More
  • OTO Experience: SimulationDuring the Simulation Experience, otolaryngologists can sample a range of simulation modalities (e.g., simple task trainers, high-technology human manikins, and biologic material). Read More
  • General AssembliesBe more engaged in your Academy by attending the following General Assemblies during the AAO-HNSF 2017 Annual Meeting & OTO Experience: Read More
  • Shuttle ScheduleMonday: Buses will run every 15-20 minutes from 6:00 to 11:00 am and every 30 minutes from 2:00 to 7:30 pm. Read More

September 10

  • Annual Meeting & OTO Experience Eyes the FutureGet a glimpse of the future today at the AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting & OTO Experience. The essence of the theme “Premiering Tomorrow, Today” can be found in the education program, in the exhibit hall experience, and across the entire conference. Read More
  • Keynoter to Examine Healthcare Technology’s Smart UseThe Opening Ceremony, a prime opportunity to reunite with colleagues from across the country and around the world, this year celebrates the specialty of otolaryngology and explores technology and the future of medicine and healthcare. Read More
  • Reg-entSM: Moving From Promise to PracticalThe AAO-HNSF Reg-ent Qualified Clinical Data Registry has evolved from an idea to a pilot program to a fully functional database that can help practices fulfill reporting requirements to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Learn about how to complete those required reports and the next steps for Reg-ent during a Miniseminar following the Opening Ceremony. Read More
  • Update to Hoarseness CPG Nears PublicationThe AAO-HNSF has updated its clinical practice guideline (CPG) for hoarseness (dysphonia), and it is expected to be published in early 2018. A Sunday Miniseminar will preview the update, which clarifies recommendations for the use of laryngoscopy, antibiotics, steroids, anti-reflux medications, and imaging for use by all clinicians, regardless of specialty, treating patients presenting with hoarseness. Read More
  • Adventures in Innovation: Dr. Silverstein to Reflect on Contributions to NeurotologySeven years after serving on the academic staff at Harvard’s Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary and the University of Pennsylvania, Herbert Silverstein, MD, MS, walked away to open a practice in a 1,000-square-foot storage space in Sarasota, FL. Little did he know that he was starting a unique journey that would impact otology/neurotolgy research and treatment. Read More
  • Miniseminar Previews Neck Mass Clinical Practice GuidelinePreview the new AAO-HNSF clinical practice guideline, Evaluation of the Neck Mass in Adults, during a Sunday Miniseminar. The guideline will be published later Sunday, but its recommendations will be reviewed by members of the panel that developed it. Read More
  • Managing Effects of Radiation: Conservative Treatment Proves Most EffectiveRadiation therapy for head and neck cancers can create problems for the ear. However, there is not much evidence available for dealing with those problems. Paul W. Gidley, MD, professor of otology-neurotology at the Department of Head and Neck Surgery at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, will provide options for counteracting the side effects of radiation. Read More
  • Experts to Debate Approaches to Challenging Rhinology CasesLively debates of challenging rhinology cases involving a panel of experts and an audience response system promise to elevate a Monday Miniseminar from an educational session to an experience. Read More
  • Removing Foreign Bodies in Children a ChallengeWhether it is food or a button battery, a foreign body caught in the aerodigestive tract is a great danger to a child and challenge to a physician. Learn about tried and true management techniques, new research, and prevention efforts during a Monday education session. Read More
  • Top Oral Abstracts for Each Subspecialty To Be PresentedA top abstract for each of the 11 otolaryngology subspecialties submitted for the AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting & OTO Experience will be featured in a special session Sunday. Each presentation, with time for questions and answers, will last six minutes. Read More
  • Global Humanitarian Address to Focus on Initiative in KenyaAn international otolaryngology initiative, the work of travel grant recipients, a discussion on ethics, and the presentation of awards will comprise the Humanitarian Efforts Forum. Read More
  • Symposium Explores Global Clinical Issues, Challenges, and AdvancesThe international flavor of the AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting & OTO Experience will be on display from Sunday through Wednesday at the second International Symposium. Read More
  • Events Focused on International AttendeesInternational attendees at the AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting & OTO Experience can meet colleagues from around the globe and learn more about important global issues at a special series of education sessions and events. Read More
  • Four Schools Vie in Academic BowlFour teams of residents will put their school spirit and otolaryngology knowledge on display Sunday during a challenging but fun quiz-bowl competition. Competing for the top prize will be three-member teams from the University of Maryland, Stanford University, Yale University, and the University of Kentucky. Read More
  • WIO General Assembly to Meet MondayA keynote address focusing on professional development, the election of new officers, and the presentation of awards will highlight of the Women in Otolaryngology (WIO) General Assembly Meeting. Read More
  • Sign Up for OTOs on the Run 5KEnjoy the lakeside scenery, get some exercise, and support a charity by participating in the second OTOs on the Run 5K race starting at 6:00 am Monday at Grant Park. Read More
  • Shuttle ScheduleComplimentary shuttle buses will run between McCormick Place convention center and AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting & OTO Experience official hotels from Sunday through Wednesday. Read More
  • Attend the President’s ReceptionNetwork with your peers and enjoy a relaxing evening at the President’s Reception at 6:00 pm on Sunday at the Sheraton Grand Hotel’s Sheraton/Chicago Ballrooms. Read More
  • IAB General Assembly Set for MondayThe International Advisory Board (IAB) General Assembly includes representatives from otolaryngology societies around the world that are affiliated with the Academy’s International Corresponding Societies (ICS) network. Read More
  • AAO-HNS Career FairIf you are looking for a position working in otolaryngology, attend the AAO-HNS Career Fair from 6:00 – 8:00 pm Monday at the Sheraton Grand Hotel, Ballroom 1-3. Read More