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2017 Scientific Poster Winners

Best in Show
Patient Safety and Quality Improvement
SP 404
Simulation-Based Assessment of Emergency Department Advanced Airway Cart
Malika Atmakuri, MD; Kim Reid, MD; Jennifer Stone, MD; Sanjay Parikh, MD; Andy Inglis, MD; Kaalan Johnson, MD




Best Basic Science
SP 360
Novel Vector-Mediated Delivery of Opsins to the Cochlea
Maria Duarte; Vivek V. Kanumuri, MD; Lukas Landegger, MD; Osama Tarabichi, MD; Konstantina Stankovic, MD, PhD; M. Christian Brown, PhD; Daniel J. Lee, MD



Business of Medicine/Practice Management
SP 102
Financial Feasibility of Tele-Nasolaryngosocopy
Lauren Miller; Bert W. O’Malley, MD





Endocrine Surgery
SP 114
Outcomes and Prognostic Factors in T4a Thyroid Cancer
Manki Chung, MD; Ji-Eun Choi, MD; Heejeong Kim, MD





Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
SP 130
Evaluating Facial Plastic Surgery Mobile Applications
Wanda Lai; Hani Rayess, MD; Peter Svider, MD; Jean Anderson Eloy, MD; Giancarlo Zuliani, MD; Michael Carron, MD




General Otolaryngology
SP 159
Long-term Combined Oxymetazoline & Intranasal Steroids
Camilo Fernandez-Salvador, MD; Yoseph A. Kram, MD; Justin M. Wei, MD; Brandyn Dunn, MD; Macario Camacho, MD; Paulus Tsai, MD; Edward T. Chang, MD, MS



Head and Neck Surgery
SP 242
Parathyroidectomy Readmissions in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients
Rocco Ferrandino; Yue Ma, MD; Scott Roof, MD; Girish Nadkarni, MD, MPH; Marita S. Teng, MD




SP 286
Open Airway Reconstruction: Relating Frailty and Outcome
Saad C. Rehman; Deborah Xie; David O. Francis, MD, MS; James Netterville, MD; C. Gaelyn Garrett, MD; Alexander Gelbard, MD; Christopher T. Wootten, MD




SP 337
Evaluation of a Soft Auditory Brainstem Implant in Mice
Osama Tarabichi, MD; Nicolas Vachicouras, MS; Amelie Guex, MS; Vivek V. Kanumuri, MD; Stephanie Lacour, PhD; M. Christian Brown, PhD; Daniel J. Lee, MD




Patient Safety and Quality
SP 397
Familiarity of Neonatal Tracheostomy Care in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Ryan M. Smith, MD; Courtney Miller, MS; Phillip LoSavio, MD, MS; Jill Jeffe, MD





Pediatric Otolaryngology
SP 448
The Increasing Cost of Pediatric Otolaryngology Care
Art Ambrosio, MD, MBA; Kastley Marvin, MD; Matthew Thomas Brigger, MD, MPH






SP 464
Exhalation Delivery System with Fluticasone Propionate for Chronic Rhinosinusitis: Integrated NAVIGATE-I/II Results
Donald Leopold, MD; John Messina, PharmD; Jennifer Carothers, MBA; Per Djupesland, MD, PhD; Ramy A. Mahmoud, MD, MPH




Sleep Medicine
SP 497
Effects of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Surgery on Blood Pressure
Hsin-Ching Lin, MD





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