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Coding Course Aimed at Physicians Who Also Act as Compliance Officers

Coding and Auditing for the Compliance Officer
3:30 – 5:30 pm
Room N132

The advent of electronic medical records and the emphasis on quality measurements for reimbursement has forever changed the world of coding for all physicians. It also has created a need for some physicians to learn more about coding processes so they can oversee them in their practices or organizations.

A Tuesday Instruction Course aims to use case-based presentations to teach physicians how to fill the role of coding compliance officer.

“This will be a course for people who hold or aspire to hold compliance roles within their departments, practices, or organizations,” said Lawrence M. Simon, MD, course moderator and a former member of the Academy’s Physician Payment Policy Workgroup. “We will work through the controversies. We will take coding issues or case examples that aren’t black and white and go through our process of how we determine what the correct code is.

“We also will go through examples of how we would approach a physician in a practice about something they were doing that needed to be updated or changed,” Dr. Simon said. “Physicians received minimal instruction in coding during their training, and they now struggle to find resources to learn more about coding.

“We want to illustrate the processes we have and the resources the Academy has that members can learn from,” he said. “The Academy has a Practice Management section on its website, and AcademyU® has information on topics like how to code correctly and how to be an expert witness. These courses focus on basic information. However, in response to the growing demands physicians face in the compliance arena, we wanted to develop an advanced course on this important topic.”

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