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Premiering Tomorrow, Today!

Changes in medicine are happening at breakneck speed, driven by technology, data registries, new practice approaches, and a demand for better outcomes. Change drivers come together during the AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting & OTO Experience, which is aptly themed, “Premiering Tomorrow, Today.”

Beginning with the Opening Ceremony, keynoter Daniel Kraft, MD, paints a picture of the future path of medicine in “The Future of Health and Medicine: Where Can Technology Take Us?” That vision is displayed in cutting-edge education sessions focused on the future and at the OTO Experience, where the OTO Practice of the Future Pavilion offers a hands-on experience with emerging technologies.

The meeting’s “future sessions” dive into the developing tools ranging from 3D printers to three-dimensional presentations of anatomy to robotic surgery. Plan to attend these future-focused sessions:

Instruction Courses

  • Evidenced-Based Approach to Oropharynx Cancer, 2017
  • Advanced Ultrasonography Techniques for the ORL Office
  • Innovations in Laryngeal Surgery
  • Interactive Otologic Surgical Anatomy
  • Lasers in Laryngology
  • Otosclerosis: From Standard to Challenging Cases
  • Sinus and Skull Base Anatomy: An Interactive 3D Workshop
  • Treatment of Juvenile Respiratory Papillomatosis 2017
  • Virtual Care and the Otolaryngologist


  • 3D Printing in Otolaryngology
  • Reg-ent: The Evolution of Measurement
  • Vestibular PT: Evidence for Efficacy and New Technologies

International Symposium

  • Pearls in Management of the Tongue in Snoring/OSA
  • Robotic Surgery in Otolaryngology: The Asian Perspective

Master of Surgery Video Presentations

  • Clinical Use of a Next-Generation Flexible Robot
  • Flex Robotic-Assisted Branchial Cleft Excision
  • Transoral Flex Robotic Supraglottic Laryngectomy

Experience some of the changes discussed in education sessions at the OTO Practice of the Future, in the OTO Experience exhibit hall. It will debut nascent technology and services, so come explore the future waiting room, examination room, operating room, and education/training room.

At the display, you walk into a waiting room to check in using tablets, apps, and other communication technology. Next, you visit the exam room, where you can move from special chair to special chair for a futuristic diagnosis and treatment. In the operating room, you see an innovative table that assists surgeons and their staffs in complex procedures. Finally, you visit the display education area to see how you use apps and other devices to get comfortable with the technology and use it in your practice.

Don’t miss this opportunity to sharpen your perspective for your benefit and the benefit of your patients in the coming years.

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