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Program Offers More Session Accessibility and Presentation Styles

Instruction Courses, Miniseminars, and Scientific Orals will run concurrently throughout the day so more people can attend more sessions.

The education program for the AAO-HNSF 2017 Annual Meeting & OTO Experience continues its evolution so that it has become more efficient, allowing meeting registrants to attend more sessions while cutting back on areas of overlap and redundancy.

For the second year, the Instruction Courses and Miniseminars are intermingled with Scientific Session formats and presented all day in one- and two-hour sessions. Several AAO-HNSF committee meetings and other Academy events take place over lunch or at times in which they do not conflict with education sessions, said Mark Wax, MD, Annual Meeting program coordinator.

Combining the Instruction Courses, Miniseminars, and Scientific Orals to run concurrently throughout the day means more people can attend more sessions.

“Last year, we were starting to get some good attendance data to determine which educational activities people were attending. In the past, we only had information for the Instruction Courses. We are now able to generate data on the Sessions, Miniseminars, and other activities to a finer degree,” Dr. Wax said. “We have used that data to drive how we proportioned the meeting for this year. We used the information of how many people went to various sessions, combined that with the session evaluation process, and divided the meeting up by the subspecialties. Hopefully, it will facilitate people being able to attend the sessions they want.”

Each subspecialty features Scientific Orals, where people are presenting new material, such as a study or a review. They will take three to four minutes to make their abstract presentation and then answer questions for a couple of minutes. This allows up to 10 orals in an hour.

Tracking attendance and session evaluations led to the development of another education program feature: presenting the top-rated sessions from 2016 again in 2017. The sessions have been updated but cover the same relevant and popular subject matter, Dr. Wax said. See Top Sessions Get an Encore.

Other popular education opportunities are video sessions and simulation training, which are available at the OTO Experience Simulation Zone. Several exhibitors have simulator devices on display for hands-on experiences.

“Simulation is something that will become more prevalent in otolaryngology with the training of residents but also in terms of keeping up your skill set,” Dr. Wax said. “The videos continue to be popular because people want to see how to perform procedures and learn the little efficiency perks that the experts subconsciously utilize, so we have expanded those. The Masters of Surgery Videos will be presented each day, and they have five or six presentations in one hour on various topics.

“The meeting continues to offer cutting-edge academic material based on a variety of presentation styles. It also offers the ability to network and meet with colleagues. It is just an all-around excellent opportunity.”

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