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Top Sessions Get an Encore

The top-rated sessions from the 2016 Annual Meeting based on attendance and evaluations are repeated this year, with updated materials. The top sessions are:

  • The Business of Medicine for Residents and Fellows
  • Surgery of the Inferior, Middle, and Superior Turbinates
  • Management of Radiation Effects on the Ear and Temporal Bone
  • Migraine Management for the Otolaryngologist
  • Pediatric Open Airway Surgery: State-of-the-Art
  • Medicolegal Issues for ENTs: Top 10 Concerns
  • Pediatric Endoscopic Airway Surgery: State-of-the-Art
  • Scary Cases 2016
  • Conductive Hearing Loss: It’s Not Always Otosclerosis
  • Head and Neck Melanoma: Achieving Clarity Amongst the Controversy
  • Frontal Sinus Trauma: Comprehensive Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Sialendoscopy for Gland Preservation
  • Using M&M Conference to Promote Quality Improvement
  • Avoiding Disaster in Thyroid Surgery: Five Critical Principles
  • Board of Governors Hot Topics: Solutions to Conquer the Quality Quagmire
  • Surgical Management of Eustachian Tube Dysfunction
  • Office-Based Ultrasonography of the Neck
  • Mastering the Parapharyngeal Space
  • Awake Vocal Fold Injection in the Office: When, Why, and How
  • Medical Management of Thyroid Disease for Otolaryngologists

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