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2018 Meeting Daily

October 10

  • Dysphagia on the Rise with ChemoradiationThe number one quality-of-life complaint in head and neck cancer survivors is difficult and/or painful swallowing, or dysphagia. As adoption of chemoradiation therapy for organ preservation increases, so has the incidence of treatment-associated dysphagia. In Tuesday’s session “Strategies to Manage Chemoradiation-Associated Dysphagia,” panelists outlined the problem of dysphagia and presented several case studies to explain dysphagia presentation and treatment. Read More
  • Burnout Relief Must Include Workplace ChangesOne in two physicians experience burnout, with one study showing 42 percent of otolaryngologists suffering from the condition. Tuesday’s session “Moving from Burnout to Wellness” described the signs and consequences of burnout and offered solutions. Read More
  • Lessons for All from Skull Base Patients"Cross-discipline learning can be both engaging and accretive to one’s fund of knowledge,” said Anand K. Devaiah, MD. “It is often in cross-discipline learning that new concepts to benefit a different area can be realized.” This idea forms the foundation of today's Panel Presentation, "Think Outside the Box: Lessons Learned from Anterior Skull Base Patients for All Otolaryngologists."  Read More
  • Maximizing Heart through Humanitarian EffortsThe essential mission of the head and neck humanitarian is to provide safe, efficient, thorough, and compassionate care to the underserved patient population with limited resources. But accomplishing this goal requires more than just time and compassion. This Panel Presentation, "Maximizing Heart, Minimizing Headache," will provide the experience earned from on-the-ground missions from experts in each of the most commonly represented subspecialties able to deliver humanitarian care. Read More
  • Apps: The Future of MedicineApps related to otolaryngology are emerging rapidly, with about 100 available in recent years, and 30 related to otology alone. This growing trend has patients, trainees, and staff inquiring about their utility, applicability, and reliability. This Panel Presentation, "Apps in Otolaryngology: Evolving Regulation, Mobile Diagnostic, Patient Interfaces, and Clinic Efficiency," should help answer those questions. Read More
  • Improving System Safety through Simulations“Healthcare takes place within an incredibly complex system, and we can only improve patient safety if we improve system safety,” said Sarah N. Bowe, MD, EdM, of the San Antonio Uniformed Services Health Education Consortium. She said the best way to do that is through simulations. Dr. Bowe and a panel of experts discussed the role of simulations in their Tuesday Panel Presentation, “Improving Patient Safety with Systems-based Simulation.”  Read More
  • Advancements in Parathyroid ImagingPreoperative imaging can facilitate localization of hyperfunctional parathyroid glands, and thus improve outcomes for patients undergoing surgery for hyperparathyroidism. Insurance companies are increasingly scrutinizing preoperative imaging in parathyroid surgery; therefore, it is critical that otolaryngologists remain intimately familiar with the indications, advantages, and limitations of preoperative imaging studies.  In the session Parathyroid Imaging 2018, a panel of national experts will discuss the rapidly changing landscape of parathyroid imaging and intraoperative parathyroid localization. Read More
  • The Masters of SurgeryVideo Presentations allow attendees to analyze the demonstrated surgical technique and its importance to otolaryngologists, to assess the technique and outcome measures, and to articulate how the procedure and outcomes may affect their current practice. Read More
  • Oral Abstracts: General OtolaryngologyResearch into a variety of topics will be presented Wednesday during Scientific Oral Presentations. The summaries for the following eight, six-minute presentations are available in the Annual Meeting mobile app or online via the Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery Program Abstracts Supplement at journals.sagepub.com/toc/otoj/159/1_suppl. Read More

October 9

  • SDB Devices: Do No HarmIn April 2018, the AAO-HNS participated in the FDA-sponsored workshop, “Study Design Considerations for Devices Including Digital Health Technologies for Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB) in Adults.” AAO-HNS participants from that event presented the workshop’s findings in Monday’s session “FDA Perspective on OSA: A Growth Area for Otolaryngology.” Read More
  • CMS Payment Policy Proposals: The Potential Effect on YouOn July 12, 2018, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released the CY 2019 proposed rule for the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS). Several components of the proposed rule have the potential to affect your practice and patients, which necessitated the late-breaking Panel Presentation, “How the CMS Proposed Rule Affects Your Practice and Patients.” Read More
  • Evolution of Neck SurgeryThis year’s Eugene N. Myers, MD International Lecture on Head and Neck Cancer will be presented by Eun-Chang Choi, MD, PhD. In today’s lecture, Dr. Choi will present “Evolution of Neck Surgery.”  Read More
  • Simulation in OtolaryngologyThis year's H. Bryan Neel III MD, PhD Distinguished Research Lecture will be presented by Nikolas H. Blevins, MD, the Larry and Sharon Malcolmson Professor of Otolaryngology at Stanford University, Chief of the Division of Otology and Neurotology, Program Director of the Neurotology Fellowship, and Director of the Stanford Cochlear Implant Center. Dr. Blevins will present “Simulation in Otolaryngology: Real Benefits from Virtual Environments.” Read More
  • Five New Landmarks for Better Sinus SurgeryIn an Expert Series presentation today, Ralph B. Metson, MD, is back with his 2017 popular session to introduce a set of five new landmarks that can be invaluable visual tools for both beginning and seasoned sinus surgeons. Read More
  • Getting Up-to-Date on a Range of TopicsTonsillectomy, e-cigarettes, and citrus headlined Monday’s Panel Presentation “Are You Up-to-Date? Key Otolaryngology Systematic Reviews” that provided attendees current, evidence-based otolaryngology research. Attendees heard the latest randomized trials and systematic reviews in the fields of pediatric otolaryngology, facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, head and neck surgery, otology, laryngology, and rhinology. Read More
  • Policy’s Effects on Hearing Healthcare“Public policy and healthcare are intimately linked; however, the delivery of hearing healthcare is becoming increasingly complex and challenging,” said Matthew L. Bush, MD, PhD. This session, Policy and Practice: How Changing Policy Affects Hearing Healthcare Delivery, seeks to provide attendees with a deeper understanding of how policy influences their access to patients with hearing loss and how the treatment options and treatment locations for hearing loss are rapidly changing.  Read More
  • Unraveling the Mystery of E&M CodesProperly documenting and reporting Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes is critical to being reimbursed fairly. Unfortunately, little time is dedicated to educating residents about coding and documentation. As a result, many physicians, especially those just beginning their careers, struggle with this crucial aspect of their practice.  Today’s session, E&M Coding and Documentation for Proper Reimbursement, will focus on one of the more confusing sets of codes: evaluation and management (E&M) codes. Read More
  • Geriatric Principles Affect Thyroid Disease Treatment“Surgery in older adults involves nuances that may not be readily apparent to the medical community,” said Kourosh Parham, MD, PhD, who will be moderating Tuesday’s Panel Presentation, Surgical Management of Thyroid Disease and Cancer in the Geriatric Population.  “Successful surgery in the older patient involves optimal preparation, including recognition and management of the geriatric-specific risk factors pre-, intra- and postoperatively."  Read More
  • Oral Abstracts: Laryngology/Broncho-EsophagologyResearch into a variety of topics will be presented today during Scientific Oral Presentations. The summaries for the following ten, six-minute presentations are available in the Annual Meeting mobile app or online via the Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery Program Abstracts Supplement at http://journals.sagepub.com/toc/otoj/159/1_suppl. Read More

October 8

  • Annual Meeting Breaks New GroundThe southern charm of Atlanta, Georgia, was on full display at the Georgia World Congress Center for meeting attendees who came from all 50 states and 69 countries from around the globe for the opening of the 122nd Annual Meeting. Read More
  • Temporal Bone Studies Add to OtologyThis year’s Michael M. Paparella, MD Endowed Lecture for Distinguished Contributions in Clinical Otology is being presented by Debara L. Tucci, MD, MS, MBA. Dr. Tucci is a professor of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery at the Duke University Medical Center. Her presentation topic is, “Contributions of Contemporary Human Temporal Bone Histopathology to Clinical Otology.”  Read More
  • The Ethics of Surgical InnovationRonald B. Kuppersmith, MD, MBA, will deliver this year’s John Conley, MD Lecture on Medical Ethics. During his presentation, “The Ethics of Surgical Innovation,” Dr. Kuppersmith will highlight the importance of the otolaryngologist’s role in ensuring that basic ethical principles are met when introducing new technology into a clinical setting. Read More
  • A Guide to Publishable ResearchDuring an Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery journal strategic planning meeting last year, the journal editors and staff identified several knowledge gaps that were limiting peer-reviewed publication for some international physicians. With that in mind, a Monday International Symposium will provide otolaryngologists an opportunity to learn how to successfully design and present their research for submission to the AAO-HNSF’s journals, Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery and OTO Open, as well as other peer-reviewed journals. Read More
  • Is That Thyroidectomy Really Necessary?The incidence of thyroid cancer is rapidly rising in the United States, and with it, the number of thyroidectomies. But are all these surgeries really necessary? Ashok R. Shaha, MD, attending surgeon at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, broached the subject in his Sunday session, “Controversies in the Management of Thyroid Nodules.” Read More
  • 2018 Poster WinnersCongratulations to the 2018 poster winners, with Best in Show going to Tracheal Regeneration by an Artificial Trachea with Human iPS Cell-Derived Multi-Ciliated Airway Cells, SP 343, by authors K. Omori, M. Yamashita, I. Tateya, and H. Okuyama. Read More
  • Oral Presentations: Facial Plastic & Reconstructive SurgeryResearch into a variety of topics will be presented Monday during Scientific Oral Presentations. The summaries for the following nine, six-minute presentations are available in the Annual Meeting mobile app or online via the Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery Program Abstracts Supplement at http://journals.sagepub.com/toc/otoj/159/1_suppl. Read More
  • Hands-on Experience in Cochlear ImplantationThis two-hour Expert Series session, Cochlear Implantation and Electrode Insertion Workshop, aims to teach participants the relevant basic science and clinical information on contemporary cochlear implant electrode insertion. The first hour includes presentations by experts in the field, while the second hour allows participants to practice electrode insertions with different types of cochlear implant electrodes. Read More
  • Managing Pain with Otolaryngology PatientsIncreasing incidence of opioid abuse, addiction, and overdose-related deaths in the United States are at the forefront of the public health agenda. The number of opioid prescriptions tripled over the past 20 years, and deaths from opioids have quadrupled over the same time period. Surgeons, who account for the second-highest rate of opioid prescribing among physicians, have an important role in helping to combat the epidemic. The topic will be covered during today’s Panel Presentation, Demystifying Opioids in Otolaryngology: Facts, Gaps, Patterns, and Alternatives for Pain Control in Common Surgical Procedures. Read More

October 7

  • “We Are One” in Atlanta at #OTOMTG18Welcome to Atlanta, host of the AAO-HNSF 2018 Annual Meeting & OTO Experience. “I am thrilled to welcome each of you who have traveled from  near and far to be a part of this premier gathering of otolaryngologists from around the world as we celebrate our remarkable specialty through collaboration, friendship, and camaraderie,” said Gavin Setzen, MD, AAO-HNS/F President.  Read More
  • Welcome Ceremony & President’s Reception GalaSee the premiere of the new AAO-HNSF patient-centric website, ENTHealth.org, and help build the “We Are One” unity by joining your colleagues at the Welcome Ceremony at 5:00 pm today in the Georgia World Congress Center, Building B, Ballroom 2.  Read More
  • Reg-ent: Your Ticket for SuccessDon’t miss the opportunity this morning to be the first to learn about late-breaking updates on the next phases of Reg-ent growth during the Panel Presentation, “Reg-ent: Quality and Outcomes, Your Ticket for Success in New Payment Models.”  Read More
  • New This Year! Rapid Poster SessionsNew for this year at the Annual Meeting are Rapid Poster Sessions. This new presentation format showcases the highest-ranked poster submissions in each subspecialty, giving the selected poster presenters the opportunity to provide an oral presentation consisting of five slides highlighting and describing the major influence of their research.  Read More
  • Humanitarian Efforts Forum: Rules of Engagement and Best Practices in Volunteerism"If you are looking for an opportunity to collaborate with others in international volunteer activities in otolaryngology-head and neck surgery, or looking to get involved for the first time, the Humanitarian Efforts Meeting and Forum are the place to be," said Mark E. Zafereo, Jr., MD, Chair of the Humanitarian Efforts Committee. Read More
  • Hone Your Leadership SkillsWhether you are new in the specialty or have been practicing for years, leadership is an important part of any otolaryngologist’s career. The Sunday session “Leadership Lessons: Strategies for Success” aims to help you learn about the important aspects of leadership and hone your skills.  Read More
  • How Much Is Necessary? Infection Control Health and Safety StandardsOver the past few years, regulatory agencies such as CMS, and accrediting agencies such as The Joint Commission, have focused on increasing sterility and improving patient safety by introducing infection control standards for medical equipment, devices, and supplies. The Sunday panel “Board of Governors Hot Topics: Infection Control 2018—Safety, Sterility, and Costs” will examine the infectious disease concerns that arise with medical devices/equipment and the current standards and regulations being enforced by these agencies.  Read More
  • Best of Orals Showcases Expertise across the Specialty"No matter how subspecialized you are, there are things going on in other areas that have either information streams or scientific thought that are translatable to what you’re doing,” said Annual Meeting Program Coordinator Mark K. Wax, MD. This is where the “Scientific Oral Presentations: Best of Orals” comes in. This session highlights the top-ranking scientific presentations and allows attendees to hear about cutting-edge advancements across the field. Read More
  • Explore the OTO Experience: Your Marketplace for Products, Services, and EducationYou have an open invitation to visit the OTO Experience Sunday to Tuesday, located inside the Georgia World Congress Center, Halls B2-B4. Make time in your schedule to absorb the innovation offered by more than 250 exhibitors, created exclusively for the otolaryngology community. This is your marketplace and a source of education with the opportunity to learn firsthand ways to improve the care you provide your patients. Read More
  • Donate Medical Supplies Today!Help is always needed in hospitals and clinics around the world. Sometimes that help is medical care provided through the donation of our volunteer time, but other times that help is needed through the offering of donated medical supplies, textbooks, and instruments.  Read More
  • #OTOMTG18: Use Social Media to Boost Meeting ValueKnowing how to make use of your social media presence at the AAO-HNSF 2018 Annual Meeting & OTO Experience, a.k.a. #OTOMTG18, can boost the value of your participation both during the meeting and well beyond the close of the OTO Experience or the last Expert Series, Panel Presentation, or Scientific Oral Presentation.  Read More
  • Top Expert Series to Repeat in 2018The highest-rated Expert Series sessions from the 2017 Annual Meeting are repeated this year. If you missed any of these sessions last year, be sure to attend them here in Atlanta! Business of Medicine/Practice Management E&M Coding and Documentation for Proper Reimbursement 7:30 am, Tuesday, October 9 GWCC, Building A, Room 302 Facial Plastic and […] Read More
  • Physician Wellness SessionsPhysician Suicide, Burnout and Well-Being: Parts I and II 10:00 – 11:00 am; 11:15 am – 12:15 pm Sunday, October 7 Building A, Room 301 Our Brand Is Crisis 7:30 – 8:30 am Monday, October 8 Building A, Room 412 Mindfulness for Wellness: What Is the Evidence 8:45 – 9:45 am Monday, October 8 Building […] Read More
  • Updates on OTC Hearing CareAge-related hearing loss is almost universal—two-thirds of adults age 70 and older are affected by it. Over-the-counter hearing aids are one part of the effort to reach the 23 million older adults with hearing loss who currently go untreated. Recent high-profile, national efforts and legislation have brought sweeping changes to how adults will access hearing care in the coming years.  The topic will be covered in today’s session “Over-the-Counter Hearing Care: Updates, Innovations and Its Impact on Your Practice.” Read More
  • Pearls from PeersMembers were asked, "What do you incorporate into your schedule to achieve work-life balance?" Read More
  • Street TalkThe chairs for the Section for Residents and Fellows-in-Training, Young Physicians Section, and Women in Otolaryngology were asked, "“What are you looking forward to the most at #OTOMTG18?" Read More