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Donate Medical Supplies Today!

Join the #OTOMTG18 Humanitarian Effort 

Help is always needed in hospitals and clinics around the world. Sometimes that help is medical care provided through the donation of our volunteer time, but other times that help is needed through the offering of donated medical supplies, textbooks, and instruments.

Otolaryngology United for Global Patient Care is an AAO-HNSF donation drive being held in partnership with MedShare, a 501(c)(3) humanitarian aid organization with headquarters right here in Atlanta. The initiative encourages members to contribute much-needed medical equipment, textbooks, and supplies to underserved communities around the world. Make a donation today by visiting the MedShare booth, located in the front of the OTO Experience. Representatives are present to provide you receipts for proof of your donations. 

The Annual Meeting is always a time for global connection among healthcare professionals from around the world. This initiative aligns directly with the work and focus of AAO-HNS/F, its members, and the global specialty to serve patients. Join the AAO-HNSF humanitarian effort by making your donation today! For more information, visit MedShare in the OTO Experience, or visit www.entnet.org/globalENTcare.