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Hands-on Experience in Cochlear Implantation

This two-hour Expert Series session aims to teach participants the relevant basic science and clinical information on contemporary cochlear implant electrode insertion. The first hour includes presentations by experts in the field covering the details of standard cochlear implantation in adults and children; complex situations such as inner ear malformations, obstruction, and neural disorders; plus hearing preservation techniques and results.

“There is a specific need to enhance the electrode neural interface via improved cochlear implant electrode placement,” said session presenter Oliver F. Adunka, MD. “The most obvious application of this is hearing preservation during cochlear implantation, as many of our candidates today present with substantial levels of residual hearing.”

Dr. Adunka said that optimized electrode insertions are also non-traumatic and allow doctors to preserve the patient’s residual hearing. “This has also shown to improve outcomes with cochlear implants,” he said.

Cochlear Implantation
and Electrode Insertion Workshop

Today, 7:30 – 8:30 am Part I
8:45 – 9:45 am Part II

GWCC, Building B, Room 308

The second hour of the session allows participants to practice electrode insertions with different types of cochlear implant electrodes. The manufacturers of three implants will be present to show and allow attendees to handle the various devices and practice insertions into a variety of models, providing a hands-on experience in an area that continues to evolve.

“Attendees should leave with more knowledge for the proper selection of cochlear implant electrodes and feel more confident in the surgical aspects of electrode insertion,” Dr. Adunka said.

As one of the highest-ranked sessions during the 2017 Annual Meeting program, this session is making another appearance on the 2018 schedule. 

The first multichannel cochlear implant was approved by the FDA in 1985. Since then, the indications, technologies, techniques, and outcomes are continually evolving.