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Hone Your Leadership Skills

Whether you are new in the specialty or have been practicing for years, leadership is an important part of any otolaryngologist’s career. The Sunday session “Leadership Lessons: Strategies for Success” aims to help you learn about the important aspects of leadership and hone your skills. 

Leadership Lessons: Strategies
for Success

Today, 1:15 – 2:15 pm

GWCC, Building B, Room 408

Panelists will discuss how to recognize different personality types and learn how to use this knowledge to lead and collaborate. They also will cover negotiation skills, conflict management and resolution techniques, and tips on how to be prolific in scientific publications.

“All physicians are expected to be team leaders, particularly surgeons,” said session moderator Evelyne Kalyoussef, MD. “Some people naturally do it better than others. But residency programs don’t often train physicians in the interpersonal dynamics that are important to building a successful career.” She said that’s why it’s important to have sessions like this at the Annual Meeting.

“The session has plenty of information that can be used by attendees in developing their leadership skills,” said panelist Lee D. Eisenberg, MD, MPH. “The panel’s members have a wealth of personal experience to share, including how to deal with colleagues, difficult personalities, and improving negotiation skills.”

Dr. Eisenberg said his number one tip is good listening. “One always has an opinion, but a leader will listen to what others have to say before offering their own opinion. This helps others understand that you value their opinions when formulating plans for the topic under discussion.”

Dr. Kalyoussef said it is important to recognize the needs of the organization as a whole and to identify your role within it. “Being organized, available, and patient also helps,” she said.