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Humanitarian Efforts Forum: Rules of Engagement and Best Practices in Volunteerism

“If you are looking for an opportunity to collaborate with others in international volunteer activities in otolaryngology-head and neck surgery, or looking to get involved for the first time, the Humanitarian Efforts Meeting and Forum are the place to be,” said Mark E. Zafereo, Jr., MD, Chair of the Humanitarian Efforts Committee.

Humanitarian Efforts Forum

Today, 1:00 – 3:15  pm

GWCC, Building B, Ballroom 1

Highlighting the global connection of the otolaryngology-head and neck surgery community, the Humanitarian Efforts Forum features the breadth and depth of work carried out by Academy members, with a special keynote address targeting the rules of engagement, presented by Johan Fagan, MD. In addition, the agenda includes the presentation of humanitarian awards and travel grants as well as panel discussions on the topics of Portable Hearing Technology Platforms and Ethical Dilemmas. 

“One of the highlights of the Humanitarian Efforts Forum will be the address by Dr. Fagan, who will talk about humanitarian outreach and the dangers or challenges of implementing outside ideas and concepts into existing cultures. This will be an important discussion for any individual who engages in medical outreach to help navigate issues that could disrupt the mission or place undue strain on working or personal relationships in country,” said Gregory J. Basura, MD, PhD, member of the Humanitarian Efforts Committee and organizer of the forum.  

The two-hour forum is provided as a resource for any Annual Meeting attendee to learn about volunteer opportunities within otolaryngology-head and neck surgery abroad. “Hundreds of our colleagues in the specialty are collaborating with international colleagues in volunteer clinical, educational, and research efforts. Whether you are still in training or nearing retirement, the Humanitarian Efforts Committee meeting and Humanitarian Efforts Forum represent a unique occasion to network with colleagues in the United States and abroad regarding volunteer opportunities and best practices in volunteerism in our specialty,” said Dr. Zafereo.

In addition to the forum, the Humanitarian Efforts Committee is open to any AAO-HNS member to attend as a visitor. The committee meeting will be held immediately following the forum, today at 3:30 pm, GWCC, Building B, Room 203.