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Hot topics at #OTOMTG19

  1. Contemporary Diagnosis and Treatment of Dysphagia
  2. Medical Work-Up of Pediatric Sensorineural Hearing Loss
  3. Managing Vascular Malformations: Laser and Surgical Therapy
  4. The Transgender Voice: Treatment and Surgical Techniques
  5. Trigeminal and Facial Reanimation: The State of the Art
  6. Turning Back the Clock: Optimizing Treatment of Age-Related Voice Changes
  7. Advanced Cochlear Implantation: Obstructed and Malformed
  8. Endoscopic Management of the Pediatric Airway with Simulation Models
  9. Larynx Cancer: Updates for the General Otolaryngologist
  10. Surgery of the UES: When, How, and Which Technique Should I Use