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Don’t miss these opportunities to learn more about the Reg-ent registry

Reg-ent Partnership

Attend the Monday morning Reg-ent panel presentation, which will highlight the latest outcome of discussions for expanding Reg-ent’s capabilities through a partnership which provides financial support and resources for revenue and nonrevenue projects, including academic research, publishing, accelerating trials, and FDA projects. Additionally, highlights from a proof of concept research study from the Reg-ent registry will be presented.

Reg-ent Booth

Visit the Reg-ent Research & Quality booth, conveniently located in Academy Central. The Reg-ent team will be available to answer your questions regarding Reg-ent participation, current and future registry capabilities, MIPS reporting, and more. At the booth, you may view a demonstration of the Reg-ent dashboard and its enhanced features and functionality. We’re also planning to have a few special guests at the booth to speak about their experiences with Reg-ent and address attendees’ questions about registry participation. Keep an eye out for on-site mobile notifications on the Annual Meeting app.

Reg-ent Users Group

The Reg-ent team is thrilled to be holding the second annual Reg-ent Users Group Conference during this year’s Annual Meeting. Open to all current Reg-ent participants (AAO-HNS members and their practice administrators and nonphysician clinical staff) attending the Annual Meeting, the Reg-ent Users Group Conference is a wonderful opportunity to meet and interact with individuals from other Reg-ent practice sites, learn more about new approaches to measures mapping, and explore new Reg-ent technology. The Reg-ent Users Group Conference is free but does require registration. If you missed the August 16 deadline or the registration email, please contact the Reg-ent team at reg-ent@entnet.org.

Your participation matters. Visit us at the Reg-ent, Research & Quality Booth located in Academy Central to learn more. Before then, visit us at www.reg-ent.org or email reg-ent@entnet.org.