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Why are you attending #OTOMTG19?

Mohammed A. Gomaa, MD (Minya, Egypt)

“The reasons for attending the Annual Meeting are cutting-edge science, networking with colleagues from all over the globe, and excellent educational material that I never find in any other international meeting. I attend not only for the meeting with experts and up-to-date instruction courses, but also to see the recent innovation in the field of ORL at the OTO Experience. Annually, I travel 14 hours to attend this mega event.”


Kranti Bhavana, MBBS, DNB (Patna, India)

“It’s indeed a pleasure to attend this event. I think this is the best conglomeration of experts in our field in the whole world! One of the most well-planned and well-curated scientific programs. I would like to keep coming again and again!”


Carla V. Valenzuela, MD – (St. Louis, Missouri, United States)

“I’m going to the Annual Meeting to attend the General Assembly for the Section for Residents and Fellows-in-Training.”


Titus S. Ibekwe, MBBS, FWACS (Abuja, Nigeria)

“I attend the AAO-HNSF Annual Meetings because it is a complete congregation—highly educative, creative, interactive, entertaining with best of linkages. The leadership of the AAO-HNS/F is very accommodating, considerate, and mindful of the inequalities across the globe in its decision-making, and this makes the Academy truly global.”


Minka L. Schofield, MD (Gahanna, Ohio, United States)

“I am attending the Annual Meeting because it gives me a great opportunity to network with people that I would otherwise not meet at my home institution. I have many meetings that I attend because I am very involved in the organization, and it is a great way to put together ideas and collaborate with other people. And lastly, I really do enjoy much of the content, which keeps me abreast of current day practices and helps shape my practice.”


Daniel C. O’Brien, MD – Morgantown, West Virginia, United States

“I am going to the meeting to present and learn about advances in otolaryngology from my peers as well as experts in the field, and it doesn’t hurt that I might be able to see a marching band in the street.”


Hector de la Garza, MD (Huixquilucan, Mexico)

“Otorhinolaryngology is about innovation. The AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting is the perfect opportunity to learn and to share the latest international advances in our field. The OTO Experience is the best place to compare the spearhead technology related to our practice. Let’s participate in the event.”


Vilija J. Vaitaitis, MD (New Orleans, Louisiana, United States)

“I’m one of the residents at LSU New Orleans. I’ll be going because one, I live there, and two, I am presenting. Everyone should come! It will be fun!”


Submitted by Chae-Seo Rhee, MD, PhD, on behalf of the Korean Society of Otorhinolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery (Seongnam, South Korea)

We attend AAO-HNSF 2019 Annual Meeting & OTO Experience in New Orleans to:

  • Exchange our academic achievements with others.
  • Strengthen our solid network with AAO-HNS/F.
  • Join the wonderful theme of AAO-HNSF 2019 “Where Experts and Science Converge.”


Jake J. Lee, MD (St. Louis, Missouri, United States)

“I’ll be attending the Annual Meeting in New Orleans because I’m co-moderating a panel on artificial intelligence and augmented realty in ENT.”


Kevin Zhan, MD (Columbus, Ohio, United States)

“I’m going to the Annual Meeting in New Orleans to attend the General Assembly for the Section for Residents and Fellows-in-Training.”