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Head and Neck, Endocrine, and International Symposium Are the Focal Points during Week Three

Hallmark Events this Week: Eugene N. Myers, MD International Lecture on Head and Neck Cancer and WIO 10th Anniversary Celebration

Since September 13, the AAO-HNSF has been “Bringing Together the World of Otolaryngology” on its Virtual Annual Meeting platform. Week three of the six-week program kicks off with a special focus on the programming of the International Symposium, including on-demand sessions available in Spanish, as well as a concentration on content that focuses on the head and neck and endocrine specialty areas.

International Advisory Board General Assembly
Saturday, October 3
8:00 – 8:00 am (ET)

Women in Otolaryngology General Assembly
Saturday, October 3
5:00 – 6:00 pm (ET)

Women in Otolaryngology Speed Networking Event (sold out)
Saturday, October 3
6:15 – 7:15 pm (ET)

Women in Otolaryngology Celebration
Saturday, October 3

  • WIO Endowment Donor Appreciation and “Sparkle” Reception: 8:30 – 9:00 pm (ET)
  • Video Premiere and Discussion with Movie Creators and WIO Founders: 9:00 – 10:20 pm (ET)

This don’t miss event is open to all Virtual Annual Meeting attendees.

Global collaboration in otolaryngology reached great heights in 2020 as the international community connected with each other in ways that also permeated in providing support to individual physicians on the front lines of providing patient care amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The AAO-HNSF’s rapid response to fulfill this need was the development of COVID-19 podcasts and guidance to reopen our medical practices. The international otolaryngology community, by and large, adopted these guidelines. These enhanced resources have been very instrumental in supporting physicians worldwide in providing patient care,” said J. Pablo Stolovitzky, MD, AAO-HNSF Coordinator for International Affairs.

Since its inception, the AAO-HNSF International Affairs program has been an critical component of the expanded global cooperation in otolaryngology and as such it was essential that the first-ever Virtual Annual Meeting offer a robust International Symposium, which are one-hour panel discussions featuring expert international panelists and involving interactive, in-depth state-of-the-art presentations. For the Virtual Meeting they are presented in both on-demand and live formats.

J. Pablo Stolovitzky, MD

“One of the positive impacts of the pandemic has been the surge of virtual education worldwide. All the educational in-person meetings were cancelled worldwide, increasing the need to get education through a different platform,” shared Dr. Stolovitzky. “The educational benefits that we have seen so far, including the AAO-HNSF Virtual Meeting, have been remarkable. We recently completed regional roundtable conversations with global leaders and the common denominator was the embracement of virtual education and sharing of best practices by national and regional societies. We are now collaborating with these societies to organize virtual joint sessions. I believe that virtual education is here to stay.”

The adaptability of providing education in different formats to meet individuals’ needs on a global level during the pandemic has also been recognized by the American Head and Neck Society (AHNS).

Cherie-Ann Nathan, MD

“Like many other specialties, AHNS had to figure out a way to fulfil its mission of providing education to its members during the global pandemic,” shared Cherie-Ann Nathan, MD, AHNS President. “Virtual education became that conduit, as curriculum training for our fellows was converted online, as well as our instructional courses, which are open to the entire global community.  The chance for head and neck surgeons to learn from national experts serving on both the AHNS services and Head and Neck Oncology Committee for AAO-HNS was capitalized by surgeons all over the world.”

Week three, with a specialty focus on head and neck, is capped off with the hallmark presentation of the Eugene N. Myers, MD International Lecture on Head and Neck Cancer on Sunday, October 4, 1:00 pm (ET). This year’s guest lecture, Luiz P. Kowalski, MD, PhD, presents on the topic of “Surgeon Is a Major Prognostic Factor of Head and Neck Cancer Patients Undergoing Primary and Salvage Surgery.”

In addition to a plethora of content from the International Symposium and that which is focused on head and neck and endocrine, week three also offers attendees a special celebration of the 10-year anniversary of the AAO-HNS Section for Women in Otolaryngology (WIO). The WIO leadership has been working tirelessly over the past year to present a special tribute to the pioneers of the field who work to bring equity to opportunities in the field of otolaryngology. Set your calendars to attend the WIO Celebration Reception and Video Premiere on Saturday, October 3. The WIO Endowment Donor Appreciation and “Sparkle” Reception begins at 8:30pm (ET), followed by the WIO Video Premier and Discussion with Movie Creators and WIO Founders at 9:00 pm (ET).

Angela M. Powell, MD

“The WIO Program and Awards Committee was named an AAO-HNS/F 2020 Committee of Excellence Awardee this year because they put together a lineup of memorable and impactful WIO-sponsored education content,” said Angela M. Powell, MD, WIO Chair, who said that the agenda for the WIO General Assembly includes the announcement of the new officers for 2021 and a keynote speech by Nalini Nadkarni, PhD, titled “Fallen: A Transdisciplinary Tale of Disturbance and Recovery.”

The WIO Speed Networking event, scheduled from 6:15 – 7:15 pm (ET), is hosted by the WIO Leadership Development and Mentorship Committee, with Chair Cecilia E. Schmalbach, MD, MSc. Seventeen mentors will lead roundtable discussions on topics including leadership, education, career transitions, work/life balance, contract negotiation, and more. The Networking event is SOLD OUT.

“Last but not least, there is a donor appreciation cocktail sparkle event preceding the premiere of the WIO History Documentary Movie Premiere. What more is there to be said, everyone must tune in ‘virtually’ on October 3!”

It is with great enthusiasm that the AAO-HNSF Virtual Annual Meeting & OTO Experience designates week three of the meeting as the head and neck and endocrine specialty-focused week with a concentration on the International Symposium and Spanish Webcasts. Following are a few live education sessions that will be presented this week within these focal points:

  • Integration of Multidisciplinary Survivorship Care into Head and Neck Cancer Practice
    • Wednesday, September 30, 8:00 – 9:00 am (ET)
  • Beyond the Guidelines: Advanced Pediatric Thyroid Cancer Evaluation and Management
    • Wednesday, September 30, 8:00 – 9:00 am (ET)
  • Evidenced-Based Approach to Oropharynx Cancer, Update 2020
    • Thursday, October 1, 8:00 – 9:00 pm (ET) 
  • Controversies in the Management of Thyroid Nodules
    • Thursday, October 1, 8:00 – 9:00 pm (ET)
  • Rare “Can’t Miss” ENT Infections: TB, Leishmaniasis, Lyme Disease, and Others
    • Saturday, October 3, 11:00 am – Noon (ET)
  • Intraoperative Nerve Monitoring in Head and Neck Surgery State-of-the-Art
    • Saturday, October 3, 11:00 am – Noon (ET)
  • Eugene N. Myers, MD International Lecture on Head and Neck Cancer
    • Sunday, October 4, 1:00 – 2:00 pm (ET)
  • Hyperparathyroidism: Pearls and Pitfalls of Diagnosis and Management
    • Sunday, October 4, 4:00 – 5:00 pm (ET)
  • Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks: Managing Depth of Invasion in Oral Cavity Cancer
    • Sunday, October 4, 4:00 – 5:00 pm (ET)


In addition to the above, the following live “Office Hours” are available on the schedule:


“Office Hours” with OTO Thought Leaders (access the full schedule):

  • Academy Education, Continuing Certification, and Other Issues: Ask the Board and Academy
    • Jeffrey P. Simons, MD, and Brian Nussenbaum, MD
    • Thursday, October 1, 7:00 pm (ET)
  • Head and Neck Tumor Board Discussion: Oropharyngeal Cancer
    • Nicole M. Fowler, MD, Rod P. Rezaee, MD, Jason E. Thuener, MD, Shawn Li, MD, and Akina Tamaki, MD
    • Thursday, October 1, 7:00 pm (ET)
  • Live Q&A about Jump Starting Your Academic Career for Trainees and Young Physicians with Four Past Chairs of the Young Physicians Sections
    • Samantha Anne, MD, Cristina Baldassari, MD, Daniel C. Chelius, Jr., MD, and Jeffrey C. Liu, MD
    • Thursday, October 1, 9:00 pm (ET)
  • Navigating Leadership Opportunities in Our Academy, and Other Venues of Organized Medicine
    • Duane J. Taylor, MD, AAO-HNS/F Immediate Past President
    • Saturday, October 3, Noon (ET)

For more education and science related specifically to head and neck and endocrine as well as all presentations within the International Symposium, check out the available on-demand content as well as the Oral Scientific Presentations and Posters. If you miss any of the above live sessions, they will be available in the on-demand library of education content within 72 hours of presentation. All content will be available to attendees on the Virtual Annual Meeting platform through October 31, 11:59 pm (ET). After that attendees will have access to most sessions via the AAO-HNSF education platform, OTO Logic (formerly AcademyU®), for three years.

In addition to cutting-edge education and research, there are other engagement opportunities through the Networking and Wellness Lounges, Academy Central, and the OTO Experience. If you have a question for Academy staff or exhibitors, please go to their booth and virtually leave your business card by following the link in the booth. Someone from that booth will get back in touch with you.