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Modern Concepts in Nasal Reconstruction

Modern Concepts in Nasal Reconstruction

Wednesday, October 21, 8:00 – 9:00 am (ET)


Linda N. Lee, MD

An otolaryngologist is no stranger to nasal reconstruction—but this does not mean there’s a one-size-fits-all strategy for every case.

Moderator David A. Shaye, MD, MPH, and panelist Linda N. Lee, MD, both of Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts Eye and Ear in Boston, along with Benjamin C. Marcus, MD, of the University of Wisconsin, and Travis T. Tollefson, MD, MPH, of the University of California Davis, will discuss modern challenges and controversies associated with nasal reconstruction in their live virtual presentation on Wednesday.

Attendees can expect session highlights to include learning different options for reconstructing nasal tip and alar defects, reconstructing a radiated field, and how to create a nasal lining.

“We each sent in cases of nasal reconstruction, including nasal tip skin cancers, skin cancers of the nostril (which often involves cartilage and can disrupt breathing if not reconstructed), and large cancers which involve the majority of the nose,” said Dr. Lee.

The panel, she said, will be set up as less of a lecture and more of a case-based discussion.

“We will discuss when to use full thickness skin grafts versus paramedian forehead flaps or melolabial flaps, what kind of nasal defect and what factors play into this decision, which patients need cartilage grafting to help restore structure in addition to just skin, optimal timing of surgical repairs in patients who have had radiation, and surgical pearls, tips, and advice to help avoid complications,” said Dr. Lee.

If you miss this live event, it will become available in the on-demand library of education content within 72 hours following the presentation.