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Otolaryngology Analytics

Otolaryngology Analytics: Dashboards Every Practice Should Have

On-Demand Content: Business of Medicine/Practice Management Track


Robert Glazer, MD

Terms like “data collection” and “trend analysis” can be intimidating, especially for physicians who have not historically been conducting their own analytical reports and don’t know where to begin. But while the cold, hard numbers don’t necessarily represent a standard of care, they can point to tangible ways to improve.

Robert A. Glazer, the CEO of ENT and Allergy Associates in Tarrytown, New York, will discuss his practice’s success with incorporating the use of analytical dashboards into everyday practice in an on-demand session, “Otolaryngology Analytics: Dashboards Every Practice Should Have.”

Glazer cautions those who don’t look at the numbers to help them see the bigger picture.

“Physicians practice very uniquely,” he said, “as there are a million different ways to treat patients for the same issues. But when you aggregate the data and look at the averages and medians, you would be surprised to see how many similarities there are at a higher level among benchmarks.”

Glazer named patient counts, CPT code utilization, and the evaluation and management bell curve as a few such benchmarks. He also plans to cover audiology dashboards, web appointments, call center analytics, patient count seasonality, and more in the session.