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SIM Tank

Monday, September 14, 6:00 – 7:00 pm (ET)


The top three most innovative simulation project authors will compete for the top prize to a panel of expert judges. This event, now in its fourth year, is a popular draw for those interested in current simulator and simulation activities. These exemplary projects were selected from the 2020 Call for Simulation Proposals.

  • A Novel Cough Simulation Device for Training of Risk-Mitigation Techniques during Aerosol Generating Procedures Ernest D. Gomez, MD, Harvard Medical School
  • Development of a 3D-Printed Model for Rhinoplasty Simulation – Kathryn Kreicher, MD, University of Connecticut
  • Developing a 3D-Printed Larynx for Injection Laryngoplasty Training – Mark Lee, MD, Weill Cornell Medicine

SIM Tank Chair: Maya G. Sardesai, MD, Med.; and Co-Chair: Noel Jabbour, MD

Judges: Carol R. Bradford, MD; Jeffrey P. Simons, MD; and Richard V. Smith, MD