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Virtual Annual Meeting Soars into Week Two with a Focus on Rhinology and Allergy

“I’m very excited that the Academy has rallied at this time to explore what is really a new dimension in an academic enterprise. It’s going to make us strong, and it’s moving us forward into the next dimension of education. This new format is going to be extremely beneficial to those in our specialty because it provides the flexibility to allow attendees to get all available CME hours for all education content at their convenience.” – Comments made by Mark K. Wax, MD, AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting Program Coordinator during a podcast recording.  


Throughout the past year, the collaborative efforts of the specialty societies have demonstrated the unity of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery in times of crisis and in the name of patient care. The cooperative work of the societies transcended to the Annual Meeting Planning Committee and AAO-HNSF leadership and staff for the planning of the Virtual Annual Meeting with six specialty-focused weeks.

The second week of the Virtual Annual Meeting, September 21 – 27, will concentrate on rhinology and allergy, while still offering on-demand content related to all specialty areas and program types. While having a longstanding collaborative relationship, both the American Rhinologic Society (ARS) and American Academy of Otolaryngic  Allergy (AAOA) have worked side by side the AAO-HSN/F throughout the pandemic to share the resources and tools needed for safe patient care throughout the global otolaryngology community.

Robert C. Kern, MD

“The COVID-19 pandemic has been a real challenge to healthcare delivery on many levels. The issues confronting otolaryngology have been particularly problematic, given the number of office procedures we perform and the tendency of those procedures to produce aerosols which may spread the virus. The resources and expertise of the AAO-HNS have been of enormous benefit, helping to answer difficult questions and share expertise between subspecialties, ultimately unifying our response to this crisis,” shared Robert C. Kern, MD, ARS Past President.

Alpen A. Patel, MD

Alpen A. Patel, MD, AAOA President noted, “As otolaryngologists, our voices and efforts are strongest when we collaborate.  We greatly appreciated the AAO-HNS endorsement of our resource tool on restarting immunotherapy to help members and the whole otolaryngology community as physicians reopened their practices.  AAO-HNS has gone above and beyond to educate and update our members during this fluid situation, and we very much appreciate that.”

Just as that of the AAO-HNS/F in shifting focus to provide resources, tools, and opportunities of engagement in a virtual format so has been the goal of both ARS and AAOA over the last few months.

AAOA embraced virtual tools on a number of different fronts. “Virtual tools have been a great enhancement to our member communications.  We used them initially to share challenges and solutions among our members and to produce a “Just in Time” Zoomcast series to help members adjust to the challenges COVID-19 posed to their practice, their patients, their staff, and themselves,” said Dr. Patel.

Dr. Kern noted the value of Zoom meetings and virtual platforms being extremely helpful in rapidly disseminating information and permitting ARS to combine knowledge and experience in near real time.

It is with great enthusiasm that the AAO-HNSF Virtual Annual Meeting & OTO Experience designates week two of the meeting as the rhinology and allergy specialty-focused week. In addition to the plethora of on-demand content, the following are a few live education sessions that will be presented this week within the rhinology / allergy specialty-focused track:

  • Biologics for Nasal Polyposis: ‘Dupi or Not Dupi’
    • Wednesday, September 23, 8:00 – 9:00 am (ET)
  • Diagnostic Evaluation of Patients with Nasal Polyp Disease
    • Wednesday, September 23, 8:00 – 9:00 am (ET)
  • Multidisciplinary Approach to the Management of Nasal Polyp
    • Wednesday, September 23, 8:00 – 9:00 am (ET)
  • Cerebrospinal Fluid Leaks: A Crash Course for the Otolaryngologist
    • Thursday, September 24, 8:00 – 9:00 pm (ET)
  • Allergy: It’s Not Just the Nose!
    • Saturday, September 26, 11:00 am – Noon (ET)
  • Sinus Headache, Migraine, and the Otolaryngologist
    • Saturday, September 26, 11:00 am – Noon (ET)

In addition to the above, the following live Industry Thought Leadership presentations and “Office Hours” are available on the schedule:

Industry Thought Leadership Presentation (access the full schedule):

  • Stryker “Frontal Sinus Course: Maximize Clinical Outcomes with Planning Software and Augmented Reality” (Read the advance article.)
    • Marc Antoine Tewfik, MD, and Rodney J. Schlosser MD
    • Wednesday, September 23, 6:00 – 7:00 pm (ET)
  • IntersectENT “Maximizing Localized Drug Delivery in the Office Setting”
    • Hosted by IntersectENT
    • Thursday, September 24, 7:00 – 8:00 pm (ET)

“Office Hours” with OTO Thought Leaders – non-CME (access the full schedule):

  • An Update on the Evaluation and Management of Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome
    • Daniel Lee, MD, MD, PhD
    • Wednesday, September 23, 7:00 – 8:00 am (ET)
  • Thyroid Cancer
    • Brendan C. Stack, Jr., MD
    • Wednesday, September 23, 9:00 – 10:00 am (ET)
  • How to Approach Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness (3PD)
    • Matthew Crowson, MD
    • Wednesday, September 23, 9:00 – 10:00 am (ET)
  • Nerve Monitoring during Thyroid Surgery
    • Brendan C. Stack, Jr., MD
    • Thursday, September 24, 7:00 – 8:00 am (ET)
  • Head and Neck Reconstruction for Residents and Fellows: A Defect Oriented Discussion
    • Nicole M. Fowler, MD, Rod P. Rezaee, MD, Jason E. Thuener, MD, Shawn Li, MD, and Akina Tamaki, MD
    • Thursday, September 24, 7:00 – 8:00 pm (ET)
  • Decision-making in Chronic Otitis Media
    • David H. Jung, MD, PhD
    • Saturday, September 26, 10:00n – 11:00 am (ET)
  • Maximizing Telehealth: Which Geriatric Patient Do We Need to See in Person?
    • Selena E. Briggs, MD, MBA, PhD
    • Saturday, September 26, 10:00n – 11:00 am (ET)
  • Falls and Fall Prevention (Co-sponsored by the Geriatrics Committee and American Society of Geriatric Otolaryngology)
    • David E. Eibling, MD
    • Saturday, September 26, Noon (ET)

For more education and science related specifically to rhinology / allergy, check out the available on-demand content as well as the Oral Scientific Presentations and Posters. If you miss any of the above live sessions, they will be available in the on-demand library of education content within 72 hours of presentation. All content will be available to attendees on the Virtual Annual Meeting platform through October 31, 11:59 pm (ET). After that attendees will have access to most sessions via the AAO-HNSF education platform, OTO Logic (formerly AcademyU®), for three years.

In addition to cutting-edge education and research, there are other engagement opportunities through the Networking and Wellness Lounges, Academy Central, and the OTO Experience. If you have a question for Academy staff or exhibitors, please go to their booth and virtually leave your business card by following the link in the booth. Someone from that booth will get back in touch with you.