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Tuesday, October 1

Scientific Oral Presentations: Key Strategies Reduce Costs

An alternative technique for delivering local anesthetic during trans-nasal flexible laryngoscopy saves money without compromising patient comfort. Innovative strategies reduce hospital readmissions ... Read More

To Operate or Not To Operate? That is the Question

Choosing between surgery and other management for older patients is a choice head and neck surgeons will face more often. Most older people have at least one chronic condition and many have ... Read More

Many Head and Neck Skin Cancers Require More Robust Treatment

Because some head and neck melanomas can be so aggressive, otolaryngologists will want to be particularly watchful for the difficult subset of these cases that often leads to metastasis and ... Read More

Successes, Struggles in Practice Management Discussed in Miniseminar

The various successes and struggles physicians experience in practice management were the topic of Monday's miniseminar “The Top 10 Business Mistakes I Have Made in Practice.” During the ... Read More

Update on Food Allergy Science

"This is an exciting time for physicians who take care of patients with food allergies,” said William R. Reisacher, MD, Weill Cornell Medical College, New York. “This is a rapidly evolving area with ... Read More

WIO Luncheon Speaker Addresses Women in Leadership

  Traits often shared by women, like empathy, interpersonal skills, flexibility, inclusive team builders, and the ability to take risks under pressure, are valuable role in the ... Read More