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2018 Meeting Daily

Dysphagia on the Rise with Chemoradiation

The number one quality-of-life complaint in head and neck cancer survivors is difficult and/or painful swallowing, or dysphagia. As adoption of chemoradiation therapy for organ preservation increases, ... Read More

Burnout Relief Must Include Workplace Changes

One in two physicians experience burnout, with one study showing 42 percent of otolaryngologists suffering from the condition. Tuesday’s session “Moving from Burnout to Wellness” described the signs ... Read More

Lessons for All from Skull Base Patients

"Cross-discipline learning can be both engaging and accretive to one’s fund of knowledge,” said Anand K. Devaiah, MD. “It is often in cross-discipline learning that new concepts to benefit a different ... Read More

Maximizing Heart through Humanitarian Efforts

The essential mission of the head and neck humanitarian is to provide safe, efficient, thorough, and compassionate care to the underserved patient population with limited resources. But accomplishing ... Read More

Apps: The Future of Medicine

These days, most everyone is working on smart phones and mobile devices.  “They provide access where there was none; they provide knowledge and quick mentoring when needed,” said Matthew A. ... Read More

Improving System Safety through Simulations

“Healthcare takes place within an incredibly complex system, and we can only improve patient safety if we improve system safety,” said Sarah N. Bowe, MD, EdM, of the San Antonio Uniformed Services ... Read More

Advancements in Parathyroid Imaging

Preoperative imaging can facilitate localization of hyperfunctional parathyroid glands, and thus improve outcomes for patients undergoing surgery for hyperparathyroidism. Insurance companies are ... Read More

The Masters of Surgery

Masters of Surgery Video Presentations Wednesday, 7:30 – 8:30 am GWCC, Building B, Room 312 Video Presentations allow attendees to analyze the demonstrated surgical technique and its ... Read More

Oral Abstracts: General Otolaryngology

Scientific Oral Presentations: General Otolaryngology Today, 7:30 – 8:30 am GWCC, Building B, Room 309 Research into a variety of topics will be presented Wednesday during Scientific Oral ... Read More

SDB Devices: Do No Harm

In April 2018, the AAO-HNS participated in the FDA-sponsored workshop, “Study Design Considerations for Devices Including Digital Health Technologies for Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB) in Adults.” ... Read More