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September 18 Day 4

Stopping Opioid Dependency

“We already know opioids are an epidemic,” said Heather M. Weinreich, MD, with the University of Illinois-Chicago. She and her panel of three speakers explored alternative strategies to opioids during ... Read More

Obstructive Sleep Apnea: A Growing Concern—And Opportunity

Wake Up Call: The Why, What, and How of Advance Sleep Training 8:45 - 9:45 am, Today Room 290 Whether it’s caused by obesity, smoking, neurologic, or anatomical abnormalities, obstructive sleep ... Read More

Trigeminal and Facial Reanimation: The State of the Art

Facial palsy and trigeminal anesthesia can be devastating for patients—both in terms of pain and function as well as aesthetics. But cutting-edge surgical techniques are rapidly evolving and offering ... Read More

5 Tips for Recognizing Depression

Depression and Head and Neck Cancer Survivorship Care 11:15 am, Today Room 292 It’s not hard to understand why head and neck cancer patients suffer from depression. Besides the diagnosis itself, ... Read More

Tackling Vascular Malformations

Managing Vascular Malformations: Laser and Surgical Therapy 10:00 am, Today Room 394 Eighteen years ago, one of the twin daughters of Gregory M. Levitin, MD, was born with a vascular birthmark that ... Read More

Academic Bowl

Tulane University emerged victorious in yesterday’s Academic Bowl. Four of the nation’s top otolaryngology programs participated in the 13th year of the competition, now hosted in a style reminiscent ... Read More